Roediger Tower Press

1.7 meter Roediger Tower Press

1.7 meter Roediger Tower Press (refurbished)
Model: 17.41B
Type: Tower Press Number 59

The frame is galvanized, with large perforated wheel, 9 rolls, air actuated tracking, 8 foot gravity deck with underslung wedge section. Unit will come with new belts. Unit has a stainless steel venturi mixer, clear sight tube and dump valve and polymer injection ring mounted above the sludge pump.

Skid is steel epoxy coated 8.5 foot wide x 27 foot long, 12 inch roller wheels, all equipment mounted on skid. Pan is 12 inches deep in the middle and has two 4-inch discharges in the bottom of the pan.

Unit has mounted fold down 2 foot wide epoxy coated frame walkways with aluminum grating and cable handrails on both sides the length of the press with aluminum stairs to get up on each walkway.

Comes with an Emglo 3 phase 10 gallon air compressor.

A New Grundfos Type CR-15-05 water booster, boosting pressure 80 PSI above the inlet pressure. Must be fed by 2 inch 80 gpm water source for optimal usage.

A Borneman EH1500 Progressive cavity sludge pump rated at 160 gpm at 60hz. It has a new rotor and stator on it.

Stainless steel Roediger Panel with 22mm buttons, Allen Bradley VFD’s and relay logic.

22-foot conveyor can be mounted to come out of either side or the back of the press. From the floor the conveyor can be angled to reach the middle of an 11 foot tall unit for loading.

Polymer system will be customer choice, however, USGI continuous feed liquid injection polymer systems seem to work well. A new one would be chosen by the customer and be purchased and installed for the unit. Installation on the skid would be included in the price of the system. Customer may also choose to leave polymer system separate and set it on the floor next to the polymer tote area.

The cost for the refurbished unit, less polymer system, delivery, installation, setup and training would be approximately $125,000.00 (depending on options)

Unit will take approximately 8 weeks to prepare for delivery.

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