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Frequently Asked Questions


Q: Who governs land application?

A: Federal regulations and the Ohio EPA are responsible for monitoring and approval of the biosolids land application program. After more than 25 years of in-depth scientific research, CFR503 Regulations became the written and adopted guidelines set forth by the United States Goverment regarding the handling, testing and disposal of all biosolids.

Agri-Sludge, Inc. has participated with federal and state regulators for years in the development of safe and manageable solutions for biosolid application.

Agri-Sludge, Inc. has always taken the responsibility of our clients and the environment seriously. We believe it is the cornerstone of our business.

As responsible stewards of the land, Agri-Sludge, Inc. provides soil analysis and monitoring throughout the entire land application process.

Agri-Sludge, Inc. is working with Ohio communities to make us all more aware of the responsibilities we share in the preservation of the environment.


Q: What is a Biosolid Management Plan?

A: Agri-Sludge, Inc. has been handling Biosolid Management Plans for over 25 years. We have never failed to provide a client or the EPA with records they have requested.

A Biosolid Management Plan is tailored to your facility for ease of operation. We provide several cost effective solutions other than land application which range from Portable De-Watering to Landfill backup to disposal at other approved facilities.

Whether we write a Biosolid Management Plan, do analysis of biosolids on soils, monitor application sites, or receive documentation from third parties, Agri-Sludge, Inc. maintains client records in complete security for future reference or need.

Remember the job truly isn't done until the paperwork is safely filed and securely stored.


Q: How are Biosolids Handled?

A: Agri-Sludge, Inc. holds a statewide permit allowing us to de-water at any facility in the State of Ohio. Be assured that when we handle the product at your facility it will be done in a safe manner, with professionally trained staff and properly permitted equipment.

Our mobile and stationary presses are pressing liquid biosolids into 15-40% solid cake form for application onto farm land or for delivery to the landfill. Agri-Sludge, Inc. moves more dry tons of solids per day via cake then by liquid.

Agri-Sludge, Inc. is a leader in biosolids transportation, disposal and management.

Agri-Sludge, Inc. has grown into the service provider of choice for over 100 Ohio municipalities and industries.


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